Robin Gibson singer, songwriter, original music, self engineered and self produced. 

Since the day I was born, my whole life has been about and existed around and for music. My first music experiences were literally before I was born. 

My mom Lois Gibson who played with such acts as Abbey Neil and The Ranch Girls, the Gibson Trio and more, and my dad Bobby Gibson who is a Gretsch Endorsed Artist has played with several popular musicians including Willy Nelson. My parents played music all their lives, and I spent my time as a fetus in my mothers tummy behind a Classic Chet Atkins Gretsch Guitar. My parents were actually playing 7 nights a week at the time and I was busy learning music and melodies in my moms tummy before I made my debut into this world on June 30th.

My dad Bobby Gibson built and ran Ripcord Recording Studios in Vancouver Washington which still exists today, this is where I spent my childhood. I came home as a baby from the hospital and had a crib behind the control room of the recording studio where I continued to absorb great sounds and experiences. Those were such happy days!

I spent a lot of time drinking Shirley Temples in kitchens at restaurants and bars while my parents played music, I would wait up for them to finish after doing two or three sets per night and I used to love to listen to my dads guitar playing and my moms singing, they really were the best!

We travelled in busses, stayed in semi-dodgy motels with my dog and now thinking back, those were the best times of my life. Not a care in the world, I thought I had a really exciting life. I got to eat at the best restaurants, steak, mexican you name it. We really weren't doing to bad.

I learned to write songs from an early age, about 9 years old I started to put my feelings to paper. I always had guitars around and it was inevitable that I would learn to play. I got my first guitar about age 4 or 5 for my birthday, it only had four strings though LOL. Nobody taught me to play, I just learned to play by ear. I really only play to write and record. When singing in a band I prefer to sing lead vocals and have another guitar player or two guitar players.

I write and record all genres of music on my Roland VS1880. I love rock, country, pop and metal. I write according to what I'm feeling. My motto as above is "Write What You Feel and Feel What You Play". I think you can't go wrong. If you can sing your song and you feel what you are singing no matter the genre, other people with feel it to and relate to it. Besides, that's what all music is about, connecting with people, it's a feeling, an emotional tie! We all thrive on our emotions and music has the power to control people's emotions. Imagine the world with no music. It's hard to to fathom the thought.

I love the recording process and do it all myself on a Roland VS 1880. This way I don't have any money or time restrictions or restrictions on my creativity. I'm not slow by any means, but I don't like anyone telling me to hurry up and be creative. I prefer to let it happen on it's own, I think the outcome is much more natural and heart-felt. I can write under pressure if I have to, but until someone hires me as a staff writer, which will probably never happen, I will continue to write when I feel the desire. All my best material is from real life experiences that I or someone else has gone through and personal feelings or situations that have happened to me or happened to others. I'm at my absolute best when I'm at my absolute worst...does that make sense?

I would love to record, sing and write with Jimmy Page. I'm not shy about saying this and most people would say are you crazy, Jimmy Page would never record with you. I say poppycock! I think big and I never say never. I will never say never until the day I cease to exist!  

I hope you enjoy my music whatever your genre preference is.